daicahamsdestli.ml Access. PDF; Export citation. 2 - The variety of procurement practice: evidence from public procurement. How can organizations ensure that they can get best value for money in their procurement decisions? How can they stimulate innovations from their dedicated. This page intentionally left blank Handbook of ProcurementHow can organizations ensure that they can get best value.

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Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial Management, edited by Jack Rabin . International Handbook of Public Procurement, edited by Khi V. Thai. This handbook was produced by the Interagency Procurement Working Group Chapter 1: Procurement in the UN System of Organizations. The third edition of the Handbook has been compiled under Contract № / ///SER/ENV. . Green Public Procurement (GPP) is an important tool to achieve .. uploads/attachment_data/file//food-plan-julypdf.

E-procurement and corruption. The Challenge of e-proc and Centralization or the e-proc and Centralization challenges? Models of E-procurement.

Procurement and small firms. Centralization of procurement in complex organizations.

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Benchmarking across public administrations. Possible systems of governance. Impact of centralization. The issue of competences.

Lessons , Prof. Adriano Di Domenicantonio and Avv.

Interdisciplinary skills required to prepare tender documents: Principles governing European public procurement directives. From Drafting the tender notice to awarding the contract: Simulating an awarding procedure using the most advantageous economic tender criterion A brief profile of the teachers: Nicola Dimitri: From until he collaborated as Economic consultant with the Research Office of Consip, the Italian Procurement Agency for the public sector.

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His research interests include game and decision theory, behavioral and cognitive economics, procurement, health and pharmaceutical economics, innovation and incentives. Adriano Di Domenicantonio: Adriano Di Domenicantonio is a downloader for a big public utility company in the transportation sector, dealing with technical downloading.

Elisabetta Iossa: However, if proper processes are put in place, CA should not fear its use and indeed should undertake this as a normal activity as it can enhance the quality of the procurement information leading to better tenders being submitted. Annex A Case Study One: Transport Scotland: Principal contract for the design, construction and completion of the Forth Replacement Crossing Background Despite significant investment and maintenance since it opened in , the Forth Road Bridge had shown signs of significant deterioration in the recent years.

It was no longer deemed viable as the long-term main crossing of the Firth of Forth. In , Transport Scotland carried out the Forth Replacement Crossing Study - part of the wider Strategic Transport Projects Review - to examine a wide range of options for replacing the existing road bridge. Computer Image of the new bridge and the existing Forth Road Bridge Responding to the study in December , Scottish Ministers announced their intention to build a new bridge to the west of the current Forth Road Bridge.

A challenging timescale was set due to the potential need for future restrictions to Heavy Goods Vehicles using the existing bridge. The new bridge — the Queensferry Crossing - opened to traffic in the summer of In tandem with the design, various other work streams were established comprising a number of related projects. As well as delivering a new bridge, associated projects included upgrading the connecting road network on both sides of the Firth of Forth and the development of an Intelligent Transport System.

The preliminary design work for the bridge proposed a three tower cable-stayed bridge to be situated to the west of the existing bridge. Although the detailed design and construction of the bridge represented significant engineering challenges, the challenges of the project were not confined to just engineering.

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Pre-market Engagement The tight timescales coupled with the scale and complexity of the project, meant that statutory work and procurement had to be commenced in tandem to the design. Transport Scotland recognised the advantages of engaging with the market early to identify market participants and to benefit from their knowledge. They followed a structured process that allowed them to engage in discussions with world class bridge contractors and consortia.

It also allowed consideration of the appropriate allocation of risk and the resultant amendments to the contract that would be acceptable to bidders.

Industry Day The initial part of this pre-market engagement process was the holding of an Industry Day event in March This audience included leading bridge contractors, responsible for projects around the world. Participants were provided with information on the background to the project, the designs as they had thus far developed, and other proposals including the proposed procurement route and contract choice. Delegates were invited to respond in writing to a structured questionnaire covering thirteen issues.

These questions are reproduced at Appendix 1. The questions focussed broadly on three main topics - route to market, risk apportionment and buildability. The route to market questions considered topics such as, the splitting of the overall project into different packages bridge and road connections or releasing as one procurement, whether bidders were likely to be single entities or consortiums and the number of bidders that should be invited to tender following the selection procedure.

He has been a procurement consultant and a member of several Procurement Expert Groups. See www.

Nicola Dimitri 6 hours Prof. Gustavo Piga 18 hours Avv.

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Daniele Ricciardi and Dott. Adriano Di Domenicantonio 6 hours The Program Sourcing and procurement are becoming a key strategic function of modern economic organizations.

Handbook of procurement

These Lectures are meant to support the student with basic procurement tools. The topics: 1 Contracts for sourcing and competitive procurement; 2 Corruption and ethics in sourcing; 3 Centralizing procurement: the trade-offs; 4 Sourcing in complex organizations; 5 Award Procedures 6 Contracting Strategies 7 Public and private partnerships for the provision of public services: a case study; 8 Auctions and scoring rules.

Exam rules: Presence in class is essential and monitored with signatures. Students with 24 hours presence at least will only face an oral exam with Prof. Students with less than 24 hours presence will also pass a written exam and, if passed, an oral exam.

Office Hours, room of Prof. Piga 3rd floor, Building B : via appointment via e-mail. Lesson 1, Prof. Ethics in procurement. Definition of corruption.Dimitri, G. Modalities of corruption in procurement.

The topics: 1 Contracts for sourcing and competitive procurement; 2 Corruption and ethics in sourcing; 3 Centralizing procurement: the trade-offs; 4 Sourcing in complex organizations; 5 Award Procedures 6 Contracting Strategies 7 Public and private partnerships for the provision of public services: a case study; 8 Auctions and scoring rules.

Again records of all responses were maintained and any new relevant information was provided to bidders in the contract notice. Daniele Ricciardi: Daniele Ricciardi is attorney and consultant in the field of public contracts.