Creating a top ten list for books on Alexander the Great is not easy, since few and more captivating historical presentation on one of history's great figures. Alexander the Great book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the first authoritative biography of Alexander the Great wr. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Even before Alexander's death, in BCE, his legend had accelerated, aided considerably by his highly effective skills of.

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In the first authoritative biography of Alexander the Great written for a general audience in a generation, classicist and historian Philip Freeman tells the. "You may wonder," said Arrian in his introduction to his biography "why I am writing another book on Alexander the Great when there have. Alexander of Macedon B.C.: A Historical Biography, by Peter Green. I couldn't put it down until turning the last page. This book is a bit.

He flashed across the sky of history like a comet, glowing brightly and burning out quickly: He established the greatest empire of the ancient world; Greek coins and statues are found as far east as Afghanistan. Our interest in him has never faded.

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Alexander was born into the royal family of Macedonia, the kingdom that would soon rule over Greece. Tutored as a boy by Aristotle, Alexander had an inquisitive mind that would serve him well when he faced formidable obstacles during his military campaigns.

Shortly after taking command of the army, he launched an invasion of the Persian empire, and continued his conquests as far south as the deserts of Egypt and as far east as the mountains of present-day Pakistan and the plains of India. Alexander spent nearly all his adult life away from his homeland, and he and his men helped spread the Greek language throughout western Asia, where it would become the lingua franca of the ancient world. Best known among his successors are the Ptolemies of Egypt, whose empire lasted until Cleopatra.

Alexander could be petty and magnanimous, cruel and merciful, impulsive and farsighted. Above all, he was ferociously, intensely competitive and could not tolerate losing—which he rarely did.

Alexander the Great 1st ed. His book focuses on Alexander's ambition and his military campaigns. Freeman, Philip.

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Alexander the Great. Considered today to be the easy reading and more captivating historical presentation on one of history's great figures. Freeman uses his strong presentation skills to grip the audience to know more about Alexander. Arrian, Mensch, P.

Anabasis Alexandrous: a new translation 1st ed. New York: Pantheon Books. One of the battlefield books.

The Greatest of Them All

This exposes in detail the 12 odd years of campaigning that Alexander took to conquer much of the known world. Briant, Pierre Princeton: Princeton University Press. One of the best books out there.

It looks at the complex influences and history. More than the West dominating the East, Briant shows Alexander learned much from his enemies and that changed the world.

Romm, James S. New York: Alfred A. We think of Alexander's life as nothing short of amazing.

His account of Caesar was a very enjoyable read which led me to download Alexander the Great. This story of Alexander is written for a general audience and may not be as in-depth as others I have read on the subject, my two favourites being; Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox and Alexander of Macedon, B.

Like this account of Alexander's training as a youth with one of his tutor's, a crusty old tyrant named Leonidas: "He was so parsimonious that one day when Alexander took a whole handful of incense to throw on the alter fire, Leonidas rebuked the boy, saying that once he had conquered the spice markets of Asia he could waste good incense but not before.

Alexander the Great Top Ten Booklist

Years later, when Alexander had taken the entire Near East, he sent his aged tutor an enormous shipment of frankincense and myrrh with a note saying he could now stop being so miserly to the gods. Yet alexander loved his cantankerous teacher and thought of him as a second father.

On his return trip from Athens this incident occurred: "On the way home, Alexander made a detour through the mountains of central Greece to the sacred site of Delphi beneath Mount Parnassus.

Like so many kings before him, he wished to consult the oracle regarding his upcoming military campaign.Frequently bought together. One of the battlefield books. Reuse this content.

He won the loyalty of his troops, thanks to his moving rhetoric gained under his Greek tutors, and embarked on quelling rebellion among the Greek cities.

Even though Alexander was the feudal king of Macedonia, he didn't obtain automatic control of the Corinthian League.

Great expectations

Alexander the Great and what motivated him remain elusive to me, but it's not Freeman's fault: One of the best books out there. Alexander passed the letter to the doctor and drank the potion before the doctor had time to read the letter.

I don't spoiler tag historical facts. Yet what is its replacement?