Shadowrun Missions (SRM) is the official dynamic sixth world campaign setting sponsored by Catalyst Game Labs. In SRM, players create a character and. SRM Liberation is a Shadowrun Missions living campaign adventure. Full information on the Shadow- run Missions living campaign is available at. SRM 5A Chasin' the Wind is a Shadowrun Missions living campaign adventure. Full information on the. Shadowrun Missions living campaign is available at.

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Convention Campaign series for the Shadowrun Missions living campaign game. El en Blood pits the players against the elven street gang, the Ancients, and. Items 1 - 50 of 52 Hottest PDF. daicahamsdestli.mlrun: Missions: Take a Cha $ daicahamsdestli.mlrun: Missions: While the $ daicahamsdestli.mlrun Missions: A Little We. Shadowrun: Missions: Chasin' the Wind (5A) - Deadly Cold Wind It's Watermarked PDF Shadowrun: Missions: Gone Long Gone (5A.

Collecting evidence. Visiting medical examiners.

Questioning suspects. Sometimes playing on the cops side, even? Now they have a chance to play for real. The Containment Zone of Chicago has long been one of these dark spots, but government and corporate forces have combined their heft to bring some light to that benighted area, if only because they believe there is profit to be extracted. They have considerable powers at their disposal—but there Which, for most runners, means two months. The point being, any runner knows that a job that can be described in a simple, straightforward sentence at the beginning of the day is going to become a tumbled, tangled mess by the end of the day, the Walls were erected around the Chicago Containment Zone many years ago, keeping people from the outside away from the dangers within, and locking secrets inside that are still waiting to be discovered.

Or lose a box holding a few stray bullets. But who loses an entire community? Or this week. Or today.

Everyone's your Friend Sometimes following up on a job really means following. In the first scenario of the New York City Shadowrun Missions campaign, characters are introduced to the challenges of running among the bright lights of Manhattan. Provisions allow characters who participated in the Denver campaign to transition Ready, Set, Gogh!

By , life literally imitates art. The team is forced to confront the challenges of Manhattan security, when Mr.

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Johnson asks them to perform a major heist. From there, things spiral into a double helix of complexity as motivations are abruptly twisted. This page scenario includes Block Wars What starts as a petty fight could degenerate to a full-scale war.

When things are turning sour who said mediators had to be neutral?

A fixer hires the team for what seems like little more than a complicated prank. However, sometimes, people have a hard time keeping their vengeance proportionate. When two veterans of the business conflict enter the fray, the team needs to make some hard choices Burning Bridges The voice on the other end of the comm sounded desperate. The kind that pays well.

Johnson is at the end of his rope, and he needs some serious income. He latches onto a desperate and tragically dangerous scheme that just might get him what he needs, though it might cost hundreds of lives in the process. The team needs to decide Monkeywrench A little milk run like this should be no problem.

SRM3-00: Everyone’s Your Friend

Johnson wants someone to test his security systems. Everything should be perfectly routine and above board. After all, things never go horribly wrong during a shadowrun, In And Out A stool pigeon is ready to name names.

Johnson wants to make sure they're the right names. This page scenario includes a complete adventure, player handouts, and record handling sheets for participating in the Shadowrun Missions SRM campaign.

Shadowrun Missions is an international shared campaign Jackknifed Defend a truck — What could possibly go wrong?

The Corps Come Calling

This page scenario includes a complete adventure, plus six pages of player handouts and record handling sheets for participating in the Shadowrun Missions SRM campaign.

Shadowrun Missions is an international shared campaign.

The goal is to have characters and adventures that all share the same universe, and of course have Knight at the Opera Eight teams escorting eight Damien Knights. Will the real Damien Knight please stand up. Firestorm It's the Easy Ones that Get You If you've survived enough runs, you know that the ones that sound easy are the ones that get you.

And what could be easier than recovering a runaway drone? As it turns out, plenty. The drone is acting strangely--strange enough that two megacorporations are interested in its fate. And there are others, who are no fans of the megacorps, who have got the scent In this Mission, Shadowrun players will find themselves in the middle of an art opening unlike any other, Spin Control The Dirty Business of Exposing Secrets Journalists have faced plenty of accusations of acting with a hive-mind mentality, but some covert operations in Manhattan are about to take things to a new level.

People without SINs die even more frequently.

Shadowrun Missions (Season 1 - SR4A rules)

That would But a strong wind getting ready to blow through town, and it just might take you away with it. Just make sure you leave alive. Of course, nothing is ever simple in the shadows, and a whole lot of people seem to be interested in this job for one reason or another. Biz is good as a political fight is brewing to determine the fate of the vast Ork Underground, Hiding in the Dark Open Season! Extraction Corporate Headhunting Parker Acson is a hot property.

Acson has gotten the attention of plenty of players in the magical arena, and several of them are interested in getting a piece of him. The runners have been hired to extract Acson by a mysterious Mr.

Rally Cry The Politics of Deception Whoever wins the war for the future of the Ork Underground is not going to leave a single weapon holstered.

From waging outright violence to employing political subterfuge, both sides in the struggle are willing to use any tactics they can dream of to advance their cause. Anti-metahuman sentiment has long been a hot-button issue in Seattle, and some members of the But the stakes are rising in the fight over magical artifacts that keep finding their way into the Seattle area, and that means the possible payouts are going He always suspected that someone else was pulling the strings, someone highly placed.

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Now he believes he has proof, but that someone isn't going down without a fight. The stakes are higher than ever aand someone's trying to stop you before you even start! Are you ready to serve up a side of revenge? Where they can be forgotten. People who disappear into these places become secrets, whispered threats of a mysterious something that lurks just out of sight.

Some people—the normal ones, the sane ones—avoid Finding her would be a nobler mission than most shadowrunners normally pursue, which means there must be a catch. And there is. Proposition 23, which will decide whether or not the Underground becomes an official district of the city of Seattle, is coming up for a vote, and people on all sides are getting desperate.

There are those, though, who understand that desperation can breed opportunity, and they are hatching plots that can help Romero and Juliette Blood and Vengeance A missing shadowrunner.

An artifact with mysterious, blood-fed powers. And astral beings with horrible grudges. All of these elements—and more—are coming together to give shadowrunners a long day and a longer night, as they move from trying to find what has been lost to struggling for their survival. Showcase Shock Compression The players are lined up. The goals are clear. The waiting is over.

The shadows of Seattle have been heaved this way and that in the Great Seattle Artifact Rush, and a fair number of artifacts have been collected in exchange for a handful They shot first and asked questions later, leading to the first time I have EVER seen a Shadowrun Mission manage to go so completely and utterly off the rails.

I mean these adventures are designed to be pretty hard to deviate from, but it sure happened here. So GMs, keep in mind that this could happen to your game too, but you know what?

Let it? First up — the Good. With Season Five of Shadowrun Missions comes a new crisper, cleaner layout. Even somewhat relatively new to Shadowrun or tabletop gaming as a whole can take a Shadowrun Missions PDF and run it passably. These things really should be the gold standard for published adventures.

Guess what? Now the bad.

I am glad to see that the Missions stayed in full colour as I remember Bull stating they might have to go black and white.It was a fraction of the size of my baby and several times more powerful. This title was added to our catalog on September 30, See all titles I groaned as my commlink buzzed, rousing me from a fitful sleep. Let it? Hoi chummers! It was a fraction of the size of my baby and several times more powerful.