Profundamente Sua Sylvia Day Sinopse: Toda Sua - Sylvia Day; Baixar, Livro, Grátis, eBook, PDF, ePub, mobi, Ler Online. baixar Sylvia Day;. Continuação da saga CROSS, Profundamente sua trás mais do passado do Para Sempre Sua - Série Crossfire - Livro 3 Sylvia Day - Editora. Profundamente Sua Sylvia Day PDF, ePUB e MOBI. Sylvia Day Sinopse: A história de Eva e Gideon continua no segundo volume da picante trilogia Crossfire.

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I could get himto raise his voice and curse, evenshove his hands throughhis glorious shoulder-lengthmane ofinkyblack hair. For the most part, though, Gideon was a testament to leashed power. There was no need for himto shout when he could get people to quake in their shoes with just a look or a terselyspokenword.


I found himinhis home office. He stood withhis back to the door and a Bluetoothreceiver inhis ear. His arms were crossed and he was staringout the windows ofhis FifthAvenue penthouse apartment, givingthe impressionofa verysolitaryman, anindividualwho was separate fromthe world around him, yet entirelycapable of rulingit.

Leaning into the doorjamb, I drank him in. I was certain my view of the skyline was more awe-inspiring than his. My vantage point included him superimposed over those towering skyscrapers, an equally powerfuland impressive presence. His seriously addictive body was now dressed in two pieces ofan expensively tailored three-piece suit—an admitted hot button ofmine. The rear view ofhimshowcased a perfect ass and a powerfulback encased ina vest.

Most were pictures takenby the paparazzi who followed his every move. He was Gideon Cross, of Cross Industries, and at the ridiculous age of twenty-eight, he was one of the top twenty-five richest people inthe world.

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I was prettysure he owned a significant chunk ofManhattan; I was positive he was the hottest manonthe planet. And he kept photos ofme everywhere he worked, as ifI could possiblybe as funto look at as he was.

He turned, pivotinggracefullyto catchme withhis icyblue gaze. There was a cracklinginthe air whenwe were near each other, a sense of anticipation like the coiled silence before the boom of thunder. Dark and Dangerous. And allmine. I never got used to the impact ofthat face. Those sculpted cheekbones and dark winged brows, the thicklylashed blue eyes, and those lips.

I loved when they smiled with sexual invitation, and I shivered when they thinned into a stern line. And when he pressed those lips to mybody, I burned for him.

Jeez, listen to yourself. But here I was, constantlyawed bythe gorgeousness ofthe complicated, frustrating, messed-up, sexy-as-sinmanI was fallingdeeper inlove witheveryday. That look conveyed how hard and deep he wanted to fuck me—whichhe did everychance he got—and it also afforded me a glimpse ofhis raw, unrelentingforce ofwill.

Acore ofstrengthand command marked everythingGideondid inlife.

The soft rasp in his smooth, cultured voice was nearly capable ofmakingme orgasmjust listeningto it. And whenever he touched me, I caved. I hurried to the kitchento make us some coffee. He muttered something under his breath and followed me out, his long stride easily gaining on mine. I found myself pinned to the hallway wall by six feet, two inches ofhard, hot male. I craved himconstantly, so deeplyit was a physical ache. What I felt was lust, but it was also so much more.


But it had never beenanissue withGideon. He knew what I needed and howmuchI could take. The suddenflashofhis grinstopped myheart. Confronted with that breathtaking face framed by that lustrous dark hair, I felt my knees weaken just a little.

He was so polished and urbane except for the decadent lengthofthose silkystrands. He nuzzled his nose against mine.

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Tellme what youwere thinkingabout whenI was onthe phone. I need to get over it already. He was outrageously gifted in bed. And he knewit. I was completely seduced by the smoldering look in his eyes, the provocative tone of his voice, the heat of his body, and the mouthwateringscent ofhis skin. He was mydrug, and I had no desire to kick the habit. With a soft groan, he sealed his chiseled mouth over mine, stealing away thoughts of what time it was with a lush, deep kiss. I pushed my fingers into his hair to hold himstill and kissed himback, my tongue sliding along his, stroking.

Less than a month. His arms banded around me and tightened possessively.

As bigofa kick as I got out ofGideonina three-piece suit, I muchpreferred himstripped to the skin. My mother was on her third marriage, and allofher spouses were successful, wealthymoguls ofone kind or another.

I knewthe price for ambitionwas verylate hours. Pack cool and light. Instead of risking my shot at coffee, I postponed arguing and continued on to the kitchen. Decorated in dark woods and neutralfabrics, the luxurious space was brightened byjeweled accents. As muchas his place screamed money, it managed to remainwarmand welcoming, a comfortable place to relaxand feelpampered.

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WhenI reached the kitchen, I wasted no time inshovinga travelmugunder the one-cup coffeemaker. Gideonjoined me withhis jacket draped over one armand his cellphone inhis hand.

I put another portable mugunder the spout for himbefore I went to the fridge for some half-and-half. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj.

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Is The File Sharing Download the free trial version below to get started. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software.Space Trilogy, Book One by C. Sylvia Day - Crossfire 03 - Entwined with You v5.

And whenever he touched me, I caved. Furry United Coalition F. Reed and I fly out of my room, reaching the second-floor landing at the same time as Easton. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.